Circular Economy Initiative Deutschland (CEID)

Project date: 2017 – ongoing

In 2017, SYSTEMIQ, acatech and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation started an industry-focused movement to promote the Circular Economy in Germany. With support from SUN, around 20 German industry leaders came together to discuss why Germany can and should adopt the principles of a circular economy – both to address current key challenges, and to offer a positive vision for future industrial activities. Based on this initial wave of mobilization, ignited by SUN, acatech and SYSTEMIQ formally launched the Circular Economy Initiative Germany (CEID) 2019. SUN was crucial as it provided the opportunity to scope the CEID to its comprehensive stakeholder network.

SUN was not only the catalyst for creating the CEID; it continues to support it through the work of the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy. The Wuppertal Institute will – in close cooperation with CEID – develop a circular economy material flow for Germany. This data will be a crucial component of the CEID’s work, especially when modelling future circular scenarios and the potential of specific interventions, such as promoting certain business models.

Publication summary

The preliminary study “Pathway towards a German Circular Economy – Lessons from European Strategies” was published when the CEID was started. It compares different circular economy strategies and roadmaps and presents its findings for a transition to a Circular Economy in Germany.