Project LAUNCH

Project date: 4 March – 5 June 2019

The Project LAUNCH was started in March 2019 and addresses some of the institutional barriers that stop companies in the EU from adopting circular economy principles. It introduces the concept of “producer ownership” as default option for three material streams: plastic packaging, textile apparel, and electrical and electronic equipment. SUN supported the drafting of the white paper on producer ownership by SYSTEMIQ and the Institute of Sustainable Resources at the University College London. After a consultation with 10 key stakeholders across business, government and academia, the initial findings were presented at the World Circular Economy Forum 2019 in Helsinki, with contributions from the Dutch Minister for the Environment and the Director of Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund who was also the main organiser of the world's first World Circular Economy Forum in 2017. The project’s next phase will investigate the success factors for producer ownership and consider how to implement it as EU legislation.