SUN collaborates with a number of international organizations to support research and consultancy projects in the fields of environment and sustainability. The main focus of our activities is on fostering the transition towards a Circular Economy with the aim to facilitate economic growth in a sustainable, resource-saving manner. This page contains a selection of recent projects coordinated by one of our partners, SYSTEMIQ.

Project LAUNCH

Project LAUNCH, supported by SUN, addresses some of the institutional barriers that stop companies in the EU from adopting circular economy principles.

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The Silowana Landscape

The project in Zambia’s Silowana landscape aims to reintroduce wildlife in a way that also provides sustainable economic benefits for the local population, especially by fostering tourism.

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EU Soil Restoration Project

This SUN-supported project helps farmers in the French Marne region to make and unlock a detailed business case for improving soil health and explores how the innovations could be replicated around Europe.

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Circular Economy Initiative Deutschland (CEID)

SUN helped to bring together 20 German industry leaders to discuss why the principles of a circular economy can and should be adopted.

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International Resource Panel (IRP)

The partnership started in 2017 to support a strategy development process by implementing core audience engagement and impact enhancement strategies, which resulted in the 2018-2021 IRP Work Programme.

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